Bows & Sequins Tweed Jacket

Spring is here and I can start pulling out my pastels items, starting with this Bows & Sequins Tweed Jacket.  I am excited to wear this because it perks me up, especially on a rainy day, though I might skip the white jeans and strappy heels.  Sadly, it has sold out and is no longer available on the site, if I find something similar in the future, I will link it here.

The weather has been quite favorable lately and luckily I work in a casual environment (for the most part) so I took advantage of that with this outfit.  Most of the time I would use my clutch as a wallet for weeks and toss it in my work bag so this particular photo may be a bit misleading.  The tweed jacket has been on my wish-list for the longest time and I finally had the courage to pick it up.  I do not regret purchasing it as all.  For the price that I paid, the quality is uncomparable to most jackets in a similar price bracket.  I adore the color, frills, and especially the gold hardware.  I believe that is what caught my eye, on top of that the jacket is light-weight and perfect for this kind of weather.  Initially, I ordered the Bows & Sequins tweed jacket in a size medium but was drowning in it so that was returned and exchanged for a small.  The inside is lined with a matching light blue made of 100% polyester while the jacket itself is made of 50% wool and 50% polyester.  While I have not found an alternative to this jacket, I will keep an eye out for the future.


Just something about this look makes me wanna scream “Cinderella,” pretty sure it’s the color because every time I look at the outfit I have the urge to rewatch the movie.  I mean come on, how can you say no to this soft pastel blue?


Bows & Sequins Tweed Jacket


Pants – Similar 1, 2, 3

Shoes – Similar 1, 2, 3

Yours truly,





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