WI : NC : GA

Let’s be honest, it’s been a while and I am finally in GA.  Not really settled in a place yet but we have been driving around and getting used to the area.  We stayed in NC with my dad for about 6 days and then headed to our final destination, Georgia.

Tuesday 07.25.2017
-Finished cleaning the Duplex
-One last drink at Anduzzi’s
-Napped 🙂
-Departure time at 9 PM
Wednesday 07.26.2017
-Arrived at 1:30 PM in NC
-Relaxed and ate an old fashion home cooked meal
Thursday 07.27.2017
-Errands:  Post Office, Cato’s, TJ Maxx, ROSS, WAL-Mart
-Dranked for DL’s 21st birthday
Friday 07.28.2017
-Late/early dinner/breakfast at Denny’s (ordered a Philly Steak Sandwich)
-Went swimming around 11 AM – 1:30 PM
-Had Pho with my mom
-Had a drink with Bo at Apple Bee’s (Watermelon Sangria – which I did not enjoy)
Saturday 07.29.2017
-Departure time 7:30 AM to Jacksonville, NC
-Had some healthy curry
-Was the DD so I had to be good
-Left Kana’s Frozen Flip Flops (whoops)
Sunday 07.30.2017
-Slept in and went to eat at Pho Le
-Stopped quickly at Shoe Carnival and found some matching sandals
-Drove back to my dad’s house and drank until 2:40 AM
Monday 07.31.2017
-Set off at 7:30 AM and arrived at 11:40 AM
-Went and look at a duplex which was a “no” from me
-Went and look at another one that was too steep
-Saw the final one and have been crossing my fingers to get the place since then
Tuesday 08.01.2017
-Interview at 1:30 PM
-Shopped at TJ Maxx
-Went and looked inside the prospective house
Wednesday 08.02.2017
-Slepted in until 8AM
-Went shopping at Super H Mart in Duluth, GA
So far, that is what has been going on.  From everything else, I did not take photos (trying to live in the moment), but I did take some photos today and will share it below.  Today’s would probably be one of the days where you will see how detailed I can get compared to the other busier days.
I believe I am a beer enthusiast, I love craft beer and like to dry them all.  My husband and I have been looking for hite beer for the longest time and up in WI, wherever we went, they never sold it so when we got to Super H Mart, I headed straight for the alcohol section (no shame).  I can’t wait to get a taste of this over the weekend and spend some quality time with the family.  The only downfall was that there were only 12 packs.  Cass is also another known Korean beer brand that I picked up. (Please drink responsibly.)


 On our way out, I stopped by their little bakery and pick up some macaroons, these uber sweet delicacy is always a must for me.  I was pretty happy about their flavors that ranged from the regular flavors to black tea, rose and lavender, which were all the flavors that I got.  Ranging from sweetest to less sweet would be black tea, rose and then lavender as the ones that I prefer and would like to get again would also be the same.  I do have to say that I enjoyed the black tea one the most.

Colored Sprinkles – Lavender
White Dots Sprinkles – Rose
Blue – Black Tea


Of course, we stopped at the food court to enjoy some much needed Korean food.