Leopard Prints for Fall

Hello lovlies!

I honestly can not get enough of leopard prints.  I have them on shoes, bags, sunglasses, blouses, skirts, and scarfs.  Some might say, the only thing missing and probably a leopard print hat.  As you can see, I was able to score this skirt up for under $7!  Talk about a steal and what makes it even better is that it is soft and stretchy, which in my book equals comfort.  I love wearing it with just a plain top and heels for those 9-5 office hours, which is what I choose to do down below.  I just checked on their website and they are all sold out in regular sizes with a limited selection from the plus sizes department.  Another option would be their animal print midi-skirt.

Ever since I can remember, Cato’s has always been a favorite place of mine to shop with my mom in my hometown.  Cato’s always had clothes for girls/juniors up to plus sizes and that makes it a one-stop shop place for my mom.  As you can tell, some of her savvy-ness has rubbed off on me and is one of my favorite stores to still browse from time to time.  While most people have already packed their summer items away, I am scoring them down to wear a few weeks longer.  Here in Georgia, though the mornings are chilly and peaceful by noon it heats up to the high 70’s.




I am thinking about pairing these up with some booties and a slouchy cardigan for a comfier look, so stay tuned if it was a must or a bust… must as in I should repeat the style or bust as in a no-go (like… in ever!).



For the skirt, it is a size small and the actual length of the skirt is an inch longer than what is shown.  While I rolled up the waist portion, I was able to have it hit at my knees which is the desired length when I am short and stubby.  The white blouse is medium and also from Cato’s and though it gives me enough snuggle room, it feels a tad large on me, but the small would have been too small.

All in all, I can never have enough leopard prints items in my closet.  On top of that, I love how they can be worn all year round and they have become a staple in my wardrobe.  Maybe I need an intervention to prevent me from purchasing more (haha).




KEY PIECESTOP CATO’s White Blouse  | SKIRT CATO’s Fashion | SHOES Sam Edleman| BAG Michael Kors Cross Body








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