Rachel Parcell Spring 2018 Collection

Good Morning Everyone!

I am up bright and early to check out Rachel Parcell’s Spring 2018 Collection.¬† Rachel’s collection consisted of 4 feminine dresses (Psst… 2 of them are lace), 3 skirts and 2 tops; of course, there is one extra bonus item in two colors that would help you and your little one coordinate.¬† This collection, as quoted by Rach, “was inspired by French gardens and architecture.”¬† I can see it in each piece that she designed, which is why I adore this collection as much as her other ones in the past and here are my top 4 picks.

I will start out with the two lace dresses because I can not stop staring at them and I am only stopping now just so I can write this post.  The first dress would have to be her Amour Dress in French Blue.  This blue is puuurrrffeeccttt for Easter or might I add, great for weddings.  My favorite part is the asymmetrical skirt combined with the raw edges of the lace that defines feminine and romantic in my style book.  The sleeves are also great for an office environment but it is not fully lined to let some skin peek out in making it a great transitioning piece from the office to a night out with friends. The lace on this dress is also gorgeous, the lace florals are fist-sized and they are seen easily on such a thin and gorgeous material.  Also, note to self, it is best to machine wash and hang to dry because it is a comfy 65% cotton.

The next dress I would love to add to my own collection from the Rachel Parcell Spring 2018 Collection would have to be the Provence Lace Dress.  All for its subtle feminine, romantic and classic style.  This piece is great for the upcoming Spring festivities and might I add, wedding season.  The color is a beautiful pastel purple and like the Amour Dress, it also is fully lined, leaving only the sleeves exposed.  I adore the little detailing on the neckline.  Instead of a traditional hemmed neckline, a different style of laced was added, which makes me adore this dress even more for all the subtle details.  I would definitely wear this to a nice high tea party in Atlanta if given the chance.

This next piece is not a dress but a top that is a perfect basic but adds a nice touch of personal style.  The Shea Crepe Top is the perfect basic items for me and as I stated before, the sleeves are quite a feminine touch to the classic blouse.  Also, the best thing for me is that it is office friendly and great for layering a statement necklace on top.  I might also add that the Shea Crepe Top is fully lined, which means I may not need to wear a nude cami underneath, another plus in my book.

Lastly, I need to make a confession…¬† I own many skirts but rarely wear them.¬† Though here I am, hoping to add this one to my not-so-little and no-longer-a-secret collection.¬† I am also someone who loves versatile pieces and though¬†this is really two pieces that I would combine together to showcase a spectacular piece.¬† What I am trying to say but am not able to find the right words is that I just love it when I am able to pair the Paris Garden Skirt with the Paris Garden Top¬†and they turn into a beautiful Paris Garden Dress.¬† Of course, the two separate pieces is already great on its own due to being office-friendly (number one concern… as you can tell by now) and being able to pair each item with basics I already have at home.

If you were to ask me to just pick one… let me just stop you at “if” already.¬† Mainly because I won’t be able to and will try to never let you finish that question in one sitting; that is the real struggle right there.


What are your thoughts on the new collection and the pieces you would choose?





Nancy L


REVIEW: Michael Kors Mercer Medium Crossbody

Hello lovlies!

I have been on the hunt for a beautiful camel bag for fall and stumble upon it while in TJ Maxx looking for irresistible stationary, to which I also snatched up an agenda.  Since TJ Maxx is so swelled with setting up their handbags to the right of the entrance, I brainlessly walked towards it, like my legs had a mind of their own (hard to imagine right?).  While walking up and down the aisles, the color drew attention to me first and then I noticed it was Michael Kors.  To be honest, I usually browse past some of his bags until my eyes were drawn to The Mercer.  The pebble stone leather and, gold-tone hardware, and size makes it perfect for a mom on the go.  I notice that the bigger the bag means stuffing unnecessary items into my purse because of survival methods kicking in.


This is from his Studio Kors line which is exclusively sold in Macy’s and a cheaper alternative to the¬†MICHAEL Michael Kors line. ¬†The dimensions are 21.5 by 19 cm.¬† The handbag includes 3 separate pockets, one zipped and two opened. ¬†The handles are upright only and does not give an option to drop down which I do not mind. ¬†Also, inside the zipped pocket includes a care card and the dust bag. ¬†I do not care for the attached keychain and usually take it off because it looks tacky. ¬†As for the bottom of the bag, what sold me on to purchase the bag was that it contains gold studded feet with a height of 1/2 cm.






As you can tell through my Instagram feed and older blog posts, this has been my most worn bag of this month and the last few months.¬† I am sure I got my money’s worth of wear for this bag.¬† This reminds me, I also have my eye out for the Selena GRACE bag that Selena Gomez collaborated with COACH.¬† I just love the red handbag one and am slowly saving up for it.¬† I can not wait to get my hands on it, hopefully, it is still available.
With love,




Hello, everyone!

My name is Nancy and this is my creative outlet.  No matter what, I find myself wanting to create content.  I have had my highs and lows with blogging but in the end, I do want to succeed.  Finally, after graduating, I am able to focus on the things I love.  Going to school full-time, working full-time, taking care of my own little family and taking ice skating lessons was challenging but worth it.  I was able to prove to myself that I was able to still keep it together when it seems like life was just trying to pull me apart.  Of course, I do have to thank all those who have helped me along the way.  I had a plethora of understanding people in my life who was willing to work with me to make all of the above possible and that pushed me through the days when I just want to give up or break down and cry.  Trust me, I have had my rough days where I would literally freak out over losing one page of notes or have a few mental breakdowns and through all of the last year, I found myself picking up bad eating habits as well; mainly due to stress.

After graduating, I choose to reside in my current occupation because my resume looked pretty empty.  I can not say I was not a privileged child since I received all the necessities and more, maybe a little too much that it makes me look inexperienced at times.  Work itself is still a challenge to take on and to prove to myself once again.  I would like to be more confident in what I do and that is another task at hand.

I choose the name mainly because I have wide hips and am pretty petite in size, making it difficult to find clothing.  I have had quite some luck but that is not always the case.  I feel quite insecure about posting my sizing but I believe it will be beneficial to those who share the same struggles.

Arm length:  50

Chest:  36

Waist:  34

Hips:  39.5

Shoe Size:  4.5-5 for heels and 6 for flats running shoes

Thank you to those who will join me on this new journey of life after graduation and the struggles or accomplishments along the way.


G. Nancy L aka mrscurvypetite

Occasionally I get products/clothing sent or given to me free of charge by PR companies, meaning, I may not have paid for everything I talk about. I am not obligated to mention these products so if I have done it is because I genuinely like them.
Sometimes I may be sponsored by brands for videos/blog posts. I would never endorse a brand/product that I didn’t truly love and believe in.